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Homeless man narrates how ‘showing love’ made him spend all his fortune on others


homeless man

A Nigerian man based in the United States has shared a heartrending story of a homeless man he met at a truck stop in the country.

He revealed that he had met the man at a restaurant, gave him some money and decided to ask him how he became homeless.

Sharing the story in a thread of tweets via his Twitter handle @animolenikun, he said the man narrated how his act of ‘showing love’ and prioritising the welfare of other people above his drained him and sent him to the streets without a home.

He tweeted:

“I seen (sic) a homeless guy at popeyes in the TA Truck Stop and I gave him some loose ones in my pocket and he said “thank you”, so I asked him “how did you get to this point?”

“He looked up, smiled and said “SHOWING LOVE” I asked… “what do you mean?”…he said I went through my whole life making sure everyone else was ok no matter what was going right or wrong in my life I did for others. I never wanted to see others go without.

“I asked, “do you regret it?” He said no, it just hurt me to my soul that the very people I gave the shirt off my back to wouldn’t give me a sleeve off that same shirt when I was in need. He said “its better to build your own house and invite someone in for shelter, than to hand them your bricks while you building yours.

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“Cause if you keep handing them bricks from the house that you suppose to be building for you, you will turn around 1 day and that spot where you have planned to build your house will be an empty lot, then you are the one that’s looking for bricks.”


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See his tweet: