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Nigerians slam Ozzy Etomi for reporting Twitter user to his employer after trolling her son


Twitter feminist Ozzy Etomi

Controversial Twitter feminist Ozzy Etomi sparked an uproar on the microblogging site again on Tuesday after reporting a netizen to his boss for disciplinary action.

Ozzy had taken to Twitter to share a photo of herself and her son on Monday, the Twitter user Mayowa Tudonu then trolled her son with a comment he had since deleted.

Mayowa was quoted to have asked Ozzy if the boy she was carrying in the photo was the same boy she tagged as ‘a dull boy’ a few months ago.

Ozzy had shared a tweet last December insinuating that male children are very slow to learning and developing intelligence when compared to their female counterparts.

She had tweeted:

“On average, it takes a week to potty train girl toddlers, and 6 months for boy toddlers. Its interesting how girls grow up/ mature/ develop intelligence so much faster than boys and despite being the clearly more superior species, we end up w/ so much less $ overall.”

Mayowa’s comment riled up Ozzy and she went ahead to tag his boss in the comment section of the tweet.

She wrote:

“This is your staff? @timigod lol.”

The employer then replied:

“Shall be dealt with.”

Her action angered many Twitter users who condemned her for reporting the man to his employer.

Ozzy attracted more backlashes after taking to her Twitter page to brag about how she reported Mayowa to his employer which prompted him to delete the tweet.

Lol one idiot just left a rude comment about my son on my photo. I tagged his boss and he deleted it in 2 seconds flat. Coward,” she tweeted.

The employer Timi Ajiboye is also not left out of the backlashes as many Twitter users have criticised him for ‘interfering in his employee’s social media activities’.

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He then went ahead to explain his ‘shall be dealt with’ comment.

Timi wrote:

“Sigh. All this meant was that we told him that it’s not cool to randomly insult people’s kids. It is possible to “deal with” a situation by just having a conversation. There is/was no punishment. The apology was his decision.

“Why did we feel the need to tell him it’s not cool? We can’t control what people do in their personal life, but we can express to them that certain behaviours do not show us (my company) in the kind of light that we like.

“In the same way a colleague/employee is proud to put our company name on their bio (in a relatively personal space such as twitter). We, the company should be proud to say “that person doing that thing is one of us”. And now that he apologised, I can say it with chest.

“I guess I also see why people are reading “dealt with” as something super dramatic. It’s because of how we (Nigerians) use the sentence “I will deal with you”. We just meant we’ll handle the situation (as best as we can). I’ll use those different words if there’s a next time.”

Reacting to Timi’s tweet, Tolulope Adetula wrote

“My personal opinion: You shouldn’t have responded to her tweet. You literally empowered her and threw your employee under the bus. Did you see her other tweet glorifying herself for reporting your employee to you? That’s some sick mind attitude.”

Ayobami wrote:

“It’s funny because Ozzy works for someone’s husband and she kept attacking the person. No report of “dealing with”

“Also, one day she was reported by someone else, people rightly criticized the person and her employer came to defend free speech and autonomy. Not “shall be dealt with.”


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