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Glory Osei accused of fraud deactivates Twitter account as Nigerians troll her again


Glory Osei

Another attempt by popular Twitter feminist, Glory Osei, accused by several social media users and former employees of fraud and staff maltreatment, to return to the microblogging met stiff resistance again on Friday.

Osei had maintained a low key lifestyle on social media since October 2019 when fraud allegations against her and husband Muyiwa Folorunsho went viral.

This is how it all happened:

Glory and her husband Muyiwa Folorunsho, founders of Divergent Enterprise – the parent company of a real estate firm LandLagos, PorkMoney and Hyberfactory and several other subsidiaries, were subjects of internet trolling on Monday 21 October, when several social media users who claimed to be former employees in the couple’s companies shared gory details of how they were maltreated, humiliated and fired after being denied their salaries.

What did she do?

In the heat of the uproar that trailed the allegations, Glory Osei and her husband became trending topics on Twitter Nigeria on October 21. Many also accused her of leading a Janus-faced lifestyle on social media by posing as a single lady despite being married to Muyiwa.

Glory who is popular on Twitter for her virile feminist advocacy and tweets suggesting she is against marriage had stayed off social media after sharing a short press statement as her reaction on October 21. She had since deleted the statement.

She staged an epic return in November with a 185-tweet thread full of tantrums and insults, but the attempt met a brick wall as social media users trolled her and continued accusing her of fraud.

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In her infamous thread of tweets which further irked Twitter users, an unbothered Glory had thrown a jibe at those who claimed they were disappointed in her after her feminist advocacy made them see her as a mentor.

She told them:

I heard you guys were mad MAD because I am married. Apparently I give “single girl” vibes ? FUCK ALL OF YOU!”

She didn’t stop there, in what looked like a ploy to shame her accusers and come out as an ‘iron lady’, Osei called the bluff of many netizens asking if their lives were better after they shamed her on Twitter.

Some described her strategy as wack and a poor attempt at image laundering and crisis management, a claim she had also refuted, saying she owes no one an explanation.

Again, she went awol after her epistle-like thread which failed to do damage control.

She then returned again on Friday by posting a photo of herself.

Immediately the tweet landed on the microblogging site, netizens reignited their trolling of Glory, using different innuendoes to describe her as a fraudster.

When it dawned on her that she is not going to win the battle on Twitter, Glory deactivated her account, this is after many users had accused her of blocking them after trolling her.

Her action has, once again, sparked reactions on Twitter, making her a subject of internet trolling.

Kelvin Odanz tweeted:

Glory Osei fucked up and instead of her to apologize, get a professional PR help or do giveaway and unlook, she came to bully people on the TL. She started unnecessary long stories, bragging,calling people broke and jobless. She deserves the counter bullying she’s getting.

Her company was committing employment fraud (allegedly). She was ripping people off. In the first instance, people wanted to hold her accountable. Forget the pedestrian hate/bants. She didn’t address any of the genuine concerns. Didn’t show any respect at all.

She never made contact with any of the former employees that were crying out on the TL. She just tagged them “disgruntled haters.” Then she took a break and came back few weeks later to bulldoze herself back to Twitter with bragging rights and arrogance.


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