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If your girls still hang out with your ex, they aren’t your friends, Vlogger says, Twitter reacts


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There is presently an ongoing debate on a section of Nigeria Twitter community whether or not it is ok for ladies to continue hanging out with their friend’s ex once she has decided to end her relationship with a partner.

A Vlogger Moni Osibodu sparked the debate after her tweet alerting ladies to stay away from any friend who still keeps friendship with their ex-boyfriend.

Osibodu believes when a lady walks out of a relationship, her friends owe her their support by also severing all forms of friendship with the man.

She took to her Twitter page to share her thoughts on what is expected of female friends once one of them says it’s over with her partner.

Osibodu tweeted:

If you introduce your friends to your boyfriend and you guys break up and they remain his friend, that’s not your friend sis!!!!!

There seems to be no one-size-fits-all on this topic as some netizens have faulted Osibodu’s comment.

Some have argued that the circumstances surrounding the breakup would determine if they would severe ties with their friend’s former partner.

@Olamidebrownie_ wrote:

“I’m not gonna end a good relationship with someone based on a Situation DAT isn’t my Bizness in d first place.. Best I can do is to talk peace to Both parties, the Rest is Up to dem.”


Yes if you’re wanting to stay with him as friends then you gotta stay far away from me. Period!!!


I disagree am still a friend to my friend ex simply because my friend fucked up


That shit can hurt but I’m not inheriting enemies, lets be adult about it.

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Pure fact but you gonna know such friends???? Repeated mistakes are a result of foolishness


Yen yen yen, someone I could even date if I fall for him after you’ve gone. Do I know if God was using you to help me meet the LOML


My Friends should not be friends with my Boyfriend to begin with. We are all cool with each other but that’s where it ends. When we break up,they won’t be no attachment.


Lol this is childish imo. I mean we are adults, whyahould your friends stop being friends with your ex because y’all broke up? It makes no sense

Samson Agassi:

All of you on here just want to be seen woke, be dishing out trash in the name of wokeness, leave people out your failed relationships. they are not the problems, find the problem and tackle it.