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Twitter users slam lady for leaking DM of man trying to ‘shoot his shot’ [Photos]


lady leaking DM

A lady is presently receiving a series of backlashes from netizens for leaking a private message popularly known as DM sent to her by a man making advances at her.

@lxnhle court controversial after taking to Twitter to share a screenshot of a private message sent to her on Instagram by a Nigerian man asking to be her friend.

Although she blocked the handle of the sender, she missed a part where the handle could still be seen at the end of the page.

The lady shared the screenshot in reaction to a trending tweet where Twitter users are sharing a photo of their faces and message from their direct message (DM).

In the message, the man later identified as Oluwaseyi Babatunde/@Officialtmabs wrote:

“Hello dear, how are you doing today? You’re such a beautiful and endowed young lady.

“I’ve been following you on IG for a while now. I love your pictures and video, you’re such a beauty. I’ll really like to have you as my friend but first let me introduce myself to you.”

Babatunde then went ahead to introduce himself as a Maintenance Engineer with Nestle Nigeria.

He also stated his physical features and hobbies.

“I’ll be looking forward to your response and hoping to be your friend. Thanks,” Babatunde concluded.

@lxnhle in her post that riled up Twitter users had described Babatunde’s message as “a whole CV”.

The post which visibly angered many netizens who have been criticising the lady for trying to shame the man.

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Some described her as a clout chaser and an immature lady.

A Twitter user @Yettyclassy tweeted:

And he deserves better than a cheap clout chasing ass like you,” she added.


I get the fact that he looks way older than you and he might not be your type, but there’s a polite way to turn someone down.He is a perfect gentleman and like it or not,you are also craving the attention of someone way out of your “league” and also doesn’t dig your vibe(s) sis


He came Calm,Cool and Collected, You either respond or not don’t expose him to the Public like this just to catch cruise. He deserves someone better tbf, uncover his handle let’s applaud him


Dis is totally unnecessary&uncalled for. Someone sent u a dm, u culd just ignore if u don’t like him; that’s y Instagram put d reject option there. Whn u see couples talkin about how they met on SM, u’l start shouting “God when”. He sent u one, u’v used him2 chase clout. Mtchew!


If anyone were in my DMs with this proper well cultured intro we’d have become friends ages ago. What’s the joke in this?? Some ladies will just be embarrassing us on here sha


This is just wrong, he’s so polite,his manner of approach is precise and topnotch,why are some girls like this, Haba what else do you want him to do Gosh


Problem, so what should we do with that private information. His handle let matured and beautiful ladies here slide to his DM. It’s either you like him or you don’t. Very childish behavior tomorrow na first role of Shiloh you take, GOD please let me not be blind to see him


What an eloquent & sincere guy that deserves some bundle of hugs by the right woman. Dare share his handle and see if he won’t be rushed. Why put him out here if no prove he is dubious? Just a good reply will tell if he is a playboy and not married.


This right here is really petty, Same thing goes for guys that do this. Exposing your chat btw a guy/lady doesn’t make you better than them. They prolly jst genuinely like you and wanna get to knw you.

Meanwhile, when WuzupNigeria checked Babatunde’s IG page, several ladies who saw the post on Twitter and were smart enough to quickly spot his handle have camped in the comment section of his last IG post (shared on November 16, 2019) commending him and making subtle advances at him.

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See some of the reactions:




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