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Carter Efe looks, thinks like ‘mumu’ – VeryDarkBlackMan


Carter Efe looks, thinks like 'mumu' - VeryDarkBlackMan

Popular comedian and skit maker, Carter Efe, made headlines during an interview with Tacha on Cool FM when he expressed his indifference towards VeryDarkBlackMan and his advocacy against counterfeit skincare products.

During the interview on “The Big Friday Show” with Tacha on Cool FM, Carter Efe didn’t mince words when asked about his thoughts on VeryDarkBlackMan, whose real name is Martins Black Vincent.

Efe stated, “I don’t give a F**K about VeryDarkBlackMan. If he’s making money from that stuff, good for him.”

He further emphasized that he was not concerned about unregistered skincare products online, suggesting that such matters were for individuals who “bleached their skin.”

In response to Carter Efe’s comments, VeryDarkBlackMan took to Twitter, where he wrote, “@VeryDarkMan_X tweeted, ‘Carter Efe actually looks the way he thinks. Very MuMu in looks and thought 💔.'”

VeryDarkMan also noted that Carter Efe has previously used (VeryDarkBlackMan) advocacy on skincare brands as content, garnering more than 10,000 likes.

He also accused Efe of undermining his efforts to raise awareness about fake or unregistered online skincare products that are causing harm to society.

Martins Black Vincent, known as VeryDarkBlackMan or VeryBlackMan, has been a vocal advocate against counterfeit skincare products.

He has stated that his goal is not profit-oriented but rather to hold accountable those who sell ‘unregistered’  skincare products.

He has called out several skincare lines and celebrities, including Nkechi Blessing and Uche Jombo, for promoting these products.

VeryDarkBlackMan even took legal action by reporting Jenny’s Glow skincare to The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

This move led to a lawsuit filed against him by Jenny’s Glow, demanding 500 million naira in damages for the negative impact the case had on their brand.