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Tweeps react as key witness reportedly abandons Jenny’s Glow case


Tweeps react as key witness reportedly abandons Jenny's Glow case

Amaka Duru, the key witness against Jenny’s Glow CEO Igbinoba Jennifer, has made a surprising U-turn in her quest for justice.

The lady, who gained fame for her accusations against the skincare brand, has now abandoned the legal battle against Jenny’s Glow and is reportedly seeking a settlement with the CEO after a staggering N500 million defamation lawsuit was filed against both of them.

Amaka Duru initially called out Jenny’s Glow skincare products for causing severe damage to her skin. In a viral video, she accused the entrepreneur of selling counterfeit products that harmed her face.

In addition to her allegations against Jenny’s Glow, Amaka also warned consumers about other skincare brands they should be cautious of.

The controversy escalated when Amaka was allegedly arrested by the police from her parents’ house, sparking outrage among her supporters.

Her sister took to social media to express her anger and concern over the arrest, promising consequences for Igbinoba Jennifer.

Following Amaka’s arrest, the VeryDarkBlackMan, who had taken an interest in her case, reported Jenny’s Glow to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

This led to a legal battle against Jenny’s Glow products and the temporary closure of the brand’s offices in Abuja and Lagos.

Amaka Duru had been the key figure in the case against the skincare brand.

However, in a surprising development, Amaka Duru is now planning to settle with Jenny’s Glow, leaving the VeryDarkBlackMan to continue the fight for justice.

The decision has sparked various reactions on social media:

@levinahairclub “That’s why Nigeria will remain like this, people have 2 faces, so sorry my brother, God will see you through 🙏 you have learned a lesson. Next time they should sign something 🙁.”

@osinjuls “Many Nigerians like to play it safe. That’s why we are not improving in this country. They would rather ‘manage’ than stand for their own rights.”

@VICKIE1159 “That’s why it’s good to have a strong heart. I am 100% sure that VeryDarkMan will win this case. Too bad this lady will regret giving up so early.”

@Bladedolphin77 “Brother just go to court, get a lawyer, and involve NAFDAC as a witness. If you need a lawyer, let us know, and we will provide you one. Guy, you go use.”

Many also comically referred to her reason for leaving the case has to do with her name as ‘Amaka always disappoints’ in reference to the popular song by 2baba.

@og4l4 ”Na today I understand 2face him matter Beware of AMAKA 😂”

@Molly “Amaka don disappoint once again”

@Evons Gifty “You go dey trust Amaka. Amaka will always disappoint😂😂😂”

@Sir jay “Hey siri play amaka disappointment me by 2face”

The sudden change in direction in this high-profile case has left many puzzled and divided, as the pursuit of justice takes an unexpected twist.