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Blackmail: My sextape will soon be released, Carter Efe laments


My sextape will soon be released, Carter Efe laments

Popular Nigerian comedian and singer, Carter Efe, has spoken out about being targeted by blackmailers who threaten to release a compromising sex tape involving him.

Efe made the shocking revelation through his social media accounts, expressing his helplessness and anticipating the imminent release of the intimate video.

Although Efe did not disclose the identity of the blackmailers, he took the brave step of announcing the situation to his fans and followers, acknowledging that he has no control over the situation. In his message, the entertainer conveyed his determination to confront the challenge head-on, refusing to let the blackmailers dictate his actions. Efe’s statement read:

“I am here to publicly announce that I am being blackmailed and that my sex tape will be released soon. I’m just here to let everyone know before it’s out. Peace.”

Efe’s revelation follows closely after another unfortunate incident involving Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal, whose sex tape was recently leaked and garnered significant attention.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has been grappling with a spate of sex tape leaks, which not only infringe on the privacy of individuals but also have severe consequences on their personal and professional lives.

As the countdown to the release of Carter Efe’s sex tape continues, the public awaits to see how he will navigate through this situation.