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Doris Simeon reveals struggle working odd jobs to survive in US


Actress Doris Simeon in an interview with her colleague Kunle Afod, has shared her journey of doing menial jobs to pay bills while living in the United States.

Simeon revealed that she embraced menial jobs in the US without shame as that was the only way to support herself and pay her bills.

Simeon during the interview said “This (US) is where my child is with his father, and that is one of the reasons I decided to stay back here.

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The actress said she missed Nigeria having relocated in 2018, she expressed particularly craving street foods like roasted yam and corn, along with missing her loved ones.

Reflecting on the challenges of starting afresh in a new country, Simeon emphasized the importance of resilience in navigating the demanding environment.

“It was not easy starting all over, because in this place, only the tough will last. If one is lazy, one will be hungry. People who have been here for 20 to 50 years don’t find it easy, because with the kind of system they have, one cannot avoid paying bills. If one does not work, one won’t eat, and one won’t be able to pay bills.”

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Simeon further stated that she has been receiving attention from admirers, particularly on social media.

However, she has maintained her privacy regarding her personal life, asserting that her lack of online presence did not signify her relationship status.

Recounting her diverse employment experiences in the US, Simeon revealed a varied portfolio ranging from delivery services to personal shopping. Despite encountering acquaintances who recognized her, she remained undeterred in her pursuit of financial stability. Presently, she contributes to society as a social worker employed by the government, a role she approaches with dedication and purpose.

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