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VeryDarkBlackMan ‘doing the Lord’s work’, shakes skincare industry


VeryDarkBlackMan 'doing the Lord's work', shakes skincare industry

Rising social media influencer VeryDarkBlackMan has been hailed by netizens for ‘doing the Lord’s work’ on a supposed mission to bring accountability to the Nigerian online skincare dealers.

Real name Martins Black Vincent, VeryDarkBlackMan or VeryBlackMan as he’s popularly known as, has garnered a significant following on TikTok(190k), Instagram (204k).

According to him, he aims not to dismantle businesses but to hold accountable those selling counterfeit skincare products. 

He has aggressively pursued these fraudulent vendors, using TikTok to vividly showcase the destruction of their fake products in real-time.

In July this year, the VeryDarkBlackMan reported Jenny’s Glow sinck care to The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control after one Amaka Duru, complained of negative reactions to Jenny’s Glow products.

In response the owner of Jenny’s Glow Igbinoba Jennifer arrested the lady who called her out (Amara Duru). This action by Jenny’s Glow stirred reactions from Netizens on social media and interestingly piqued the interest of the VeryDarkBlackMan.

He (VeryDarkBlackMan) also called out controversy surrounding actress Nkechi Blessing’s influencing a skincare line. 

He expressed concern about her products lacking NAFDAC clearance and advised on potential consequences for her career and American visa status.

VeryDarkBlackMan 'doing the Lord's work', shakes skincare industry

Photo credit: IG @verydarkblackman

The impact of his campaign has led to the shutdown of Jenny Glow Abuja and Lagos offices, and he has also called out celebrities who promoted these unverified products. 

Recently, he targeted Okunriin, a prominent men’s skincare brand, for lacking NAFDAC registration on their products, asserting that they are not registered with NAFDAC.

In response, the brand claimed that their registration paperwork is in progress, taking responsibility for all their products. 

While many have praised VeryDarkBlackMan for exposing these brands, others express concerns for his safety.

Comments on X (Twitter)

@Yemihazan: “…Can you imagine the anyhowness of this country?? VeryDarkMan is doing the lord’s work.”

@Papahassan: “I said it on some other post bad mouthing this guy. And I said he is tackling fake online products and exposing scammers among them vendors as well, if somebody else tackles something else that’s bad as fake products, country for make sense…we are that change we demand!!!👍”

@dejesusonline: “Abeg @verydarkblackman When u are done with those ‘fake’ organic g creams, Kindly attend to ‘p*ssy sweetener and d*ck enlargement herps. Let’s stop nonsense in naija.”

@KingFemiAdetayo: “This VeryDarkBlackMan is proof that a lot of rubbish is happening around us and in the government because the people have not yet stood up (in unity) to hold them accountable, imagine the number of brands that aren’t approved by appropriate authorities.”

@OnyeariA: “All the things wey Batman do for Gotham no reach the things wey VERYDARKBLACKMAN Dey do for Nigerians 😂. This guy is basically gistlover wey show face.”

@theonlyUyai: “I need VeryDarkBlackMan to go after those people that create bitters and stuff too.”