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Top eight undefeated arguments on TwitterNG in 2019



Nigeria Twitter community is home to savagery, intellectual debate and of course some bizarre arguments one would have thought should not make it to the blogosphere.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, must have had a feel of what Twitter outside his United States base looks like during his recent visit to Nigeria.

With the hilarious reactions that trailed his arrival in Nigeria on November 7, he must have been forced to come to terms with the reality over here, little wonder he asked Nigerians to recommend Nigeria Twitter lists to follow during his visit.

A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts that allows subscribers or creators to see only tweets from members on the list.

As the year 2019 winds up, WuzupNigeria brings you some epic topics that send Twitter into a frenzy whenever they come up for debate among Twitterattis.

From sports to politics, entertainment, tech and then to weird debates like the preferred part of a woman’s body, say between the butt and breasts.

Twitter Nigeria remains undefeated as the home of banter, the feeder of other social media platforms in Nigeria.

Ever wonder why viral tweets are highly admired and celebrated on Facebook and Instagram? It’s a confirmation that Twitter is the source of major content in Nigeria.

There is a saying on Twitter that for every ‘Gbas’ (critical attack) there is an equal and even stronger ‘Gbas Gbos’ (opposite attack).

Here are the Top eight undefeated argument on TwitterNG in 2019:

1. Messi vs Ronaldo:

If there is one debate that would not fade out anytime soon on Twitter Nigeria and worldwide, it has to be the rivalry debate among fans of Argentine star Lionel Messi and Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo.

For over a decade, the two players have continued to dominate world football scene, smashing several world football records.

While Ronaldo has won five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards and three UEFA Best Player in Europe Award, Messi has six Ballon d’Or to his name but has won two UEFA Best Player in Europe Award.

Messi has also won five European Golden Boot while Ronaldo has won four, among several achievements.

Over the years, fans of the two football stars across the world always engage in heated social media debates over who is a better and more skillful player between the duo and the year 2019 is not an exception.

Given any opportunity, especially after a big match or whenever either of the players records a new feat, fans go berserk on social media and go all out to out-do each other while singing praises of their favourite.

Some events that brought the debate to the fore in 2019 include:

The recent Balon D’Or award won by Lionel Messi, though Ronaldo didn’t attend the ceremony, that didn’t stop their fans on Twitter from engaging in the usual war.

Liverpool 4-0 thrashing of Barcelona in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League in May 2019.

The nomination of Messi, Ronaldo and Virgil van Dijk for the Best FIFA Player award which was later won by Van Dijk.

The rating of players on FIFA 20 football game.

If you think the two football stars are not aware of the social media wars about them, then you may be wrong. Ronaldo recently confirmed this in a recent TV interview.

He told TVI in Portugal:

“I really admire the career he (Messi) has had and from his side, he has already talked of the disappointment when I left Spain because it was a rivalry that he appreciated.”

“It’s a good rivalry but it’s not unique: Michael Jordan had rivalries in basketball, there was Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in Formula 1. The thing they all had in common is that they were healthy rivalries.”

2. Wizkid vs Davido

Just like the hot debate between fans of Messi and Ronaldo, this is another debate that will go down well in history as one ignited by one of the healthiest rivalries to come out of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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Rivalry is not new in the entertainment industry, several years ago fans of the likes of Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade were renowned for spitting into the air and receiving the spittle with their face whenever they are caught up in an argument about the two legendary singers.

As it was in the era of Haruna Ishola vs Ayinla Omowura, KSA vs Ebenezer Obey, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister vs Ayinla Collington among others, so it is in this present time and will likely be among the coming generation of entertainers.

The debate over who rules the pop world and a better singer between the duo has always been the cause of Twitter wars among their fans.

Some of the notable times the fans went at loggerheads this year include:

In April 2019, fans went to war when Drake brought out Wizkid to perform with him on stage at the O2 Arena. Kemi Olunloyo was the prominent figure who ignited the war when she taunted Davido and tweeted: “how market Davido?”

When Wizkid’s third baby mama and manager, Jada Pollock, took to social media to make allegations of domestic violence against the singer, fans abandoned the allegations against the afrobeat star to pick up a fight with Davido.

Wizkid’s mob of fans had taken to social media to defend the singer, then Davido irked the already tense fans when he liked a comment on an Instagram post condemning Jada for always supporting Wizkid against his two other baby mamas.

They unleashed brimstone and war against Davido, his fans also went head-to-head against them.

Well, like Ronaldo, Davido stated, a few days ago that he is very cool with Wizkid and there’s no dispute or feud between them, telling fans to channel their energy into more productive activities and stop being at war.

3. Android vs iPhone users:

While the world’s top smartphone makers Samsung and Apple have been in court over patents since 2011 over a suit filed by Apple alleging that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets “slavishly” copied its products, Android and iOS users are on social media exchanging bants over which of the brand of smartphone is better.

While Apple’s iPhone uses iOS, Samsung and others run on Android.

The war seems to be more intense on Twitter where the app displays whether a user tweets from the web or mobile and, if they are on a phone, whether they used Twitter’s iOS or Android apps.

Whenever iPhone announces a new upgrade to its smartphone or a new iPhone model, it reignites the agelong war among its users on Twitter.

The parity on Twitter Nigeria has reached a level where ladies warn android users to stop hitting at them in the DM, describing them as ‘broke’ people.

Trust Android users too, they never take for granted any opportunity to get back at iOS users.

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An android user tweeted recently:

It’s not a debate that would likely subside soon, all that is needed to spark up another war is a new announcement from Apple.

4. Lagos Island vs Mainland

This could be likened to a war of class.

Well for our non-Lagos resident readers, perhaps you are wondering how Islanders differentiate themselves from Mainland residents, and what is Lagos Island and Mainland.

Lagos Island covers all local government areas after the Lagos lagoon, which means once you come into Lagos through Berger on Lagos-Ibadan expressway and you cross the three bridges, Carter Bridge, Eko Bridge and 3rd Mainland Bridge you are already on the Island.

The bridges separate the mainland from the Island.

Like the Android and iOS battle, Lagos Island folks on Twitter are always quick to deride mainland residents as ‘second class’ citizens, they believe those living on the Island are the rich and the affluent, they may be right considering the cost of renting apartments in areas like Ikoyi, VGC, Lekki and Ajah which is relatively more expensive when compared to areas like Magodo, Surulere, Omole, Yaba on the Mainland.

This battle became more pronounced at the Headies Awards in January 2016 after Olamide’s outburst against Don Jazzy when Reekado Banks then of Mavin Records was awarded the ‘Next Rated Award’ which he believed should have been awarded to his YBNL signee Lil Kesh.

Olamide took to Twitter to rant after Don Jazzy’s response on stage and in one of his tweets he wrote:

“don’t come to the mainland.”

The time of the season when the argument gets interesting is during the rainy season when major parts of the Island is submerged by flood.

It’s always a good time for Mainland residents to launch their ‘ballistic missile’ of troll and banter against the Island folks, they take no prisoners when throwing the bants.

5. Feminism vs Patriarchy

Why other arguments on this thread may be seen as hilarious and entertaining, this topic most times snowballs into a violent Twitter debate. It’s not a very good scene to behold when the feminist advocates engage those who don’t believe in the ideology in a fierce debate.

Feminism in its true form ought to be about gender equality and equal right for all, but oftentimes on Twitter Nigeria, the true meaning has been bent and turned upside down.

Many people who don’t subscribe to the feminist advocacy on Twitter NG have argued that they do not have anything against gender equality, but with some of the proponents who they say are leading a Janus-faced lifestyle.

Most times, this argument rears its head when there is an allegation of rape, sexual assault/harassment against male Twitter users.

The Feminist Twitter as they are popularly called, come out in droves to unleash wrath against the accused without sparing whoever defends them or ask that they should be allowed to prove their innocence.

However, there are still few among this class of Twitter users who do not engage in ‘gbas gbos’, they are the type who shun profane babblings and mostly enlighten their followers on what the movement should be about.

The non-feminist Twitter users who have been tagged as patriarchs had a field day several times this year in their debates with members of the feminist movement

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6. Abuja vs Lagos

Well, the hustling and bustling of Lagos, the weird traffic among others have opened a vacuum through which Abuja folks on Twitter attack Lagos residents.

For them, Lagos is a no go area and they would not hesitate to turn down any offer to relocate to Lagos. They so much detest living in Lagos.

Though living in Lagos can be unarguably more stressful than Abuja, one point Lagos folks use to knock off Abuja residents whenever they are drawn against each other on Twitter is the social life.

Lagos is the home of social life, those who have lived in Lagos and now live in Abuja never forget in a hurry what they are missing in the centre of excellence, but the Abuja traffic is a consolation for them not to desire to return to Lagos.

7. Tiwa Savage vs Yemi Alade

While former Mavin Records queen Tiwa Savage continues to smash new records, hitting new deals, her counterpart Yemi Alade is also breaking new grounds. The duo was also listed among CNN’s top 10 African artistes a few weeks back.

However, their zealous fans won’t stop the comparison war and they go all out to drag themselves and even the artistes on social media whenever they are engaged in this argument.

In April, Yemi Alade tutored a troll who attacked her by saying she can never be as great as Tiwa. She listed what she has achieved this year alone and also how she has toured several countries performing with her live band which makes unique music.

“Whatever makes them sleep well at night. I’ll never comprehend why the public likes to pitch successful people against one another, we are all winning, and that’s what is important. But like I said, whatever makes them sleep well at night,” Yemi Alade said in a chat with E-Daily while reacting to the war between her fans and Tiwa Savage’s.

Well, we don’t expect that to stop the arguments, it’s here to stay.

8. Breast vs Butt

We mentioned earlier that in the middle of all these arguments there are some topics one wouldn’t have imagined could make social discourse. But we can’t help it, debates among those excited and turned on by different female parts are rife on Twitter NG.

Though it may not be as loud as the Wizkid vs Davido argument or Messi vs Ronaldo debate, several times Twitter users are caught in the middle of debate like this: “Are you a boobs or butt person?”

Those who are not shy to declare their preference do so on the blogosphere with another level of pride and confidence.

Something must definitely kill a man, it could be butt or boobs, they always argue.

Well, the butt vs boobs argument is not one that could be won by either of the parties engaged in the argument.

But can we ask you, which side of the divide do you belong, butt or boobs? You don’t have to pretend, every man with his own choice.

While you are trying to answer that, a survey by porn website PornHub has revealed that in America, South America and almost all countries in Africa, the butt rules. In other parts of the world, boobs remain undefeated.

Boobs actually remain more popular globally. Will it be safe to ask the boobs proponents to step forward for their medal?

See chart: