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Japa: 58,000 doctors renewed licences in 2023, says medical council


The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria disclosed that a staggering number of 72,000 medical doctors have departed from Nigeria in search of better prospects overseas. This revelation came as records showed a significant drop in the renewal of annual practice licenses among doctors in the country.

The Deputy Registrar of MDCN, Dr. Victor Kolawole, expressed concern over the increasing trend of doctors seeking opportunities abroad, stating, “Since inception in 1963, we presently have over 130,000 registered doctors in Nigeria. However, due to the increase in migration of doctors out of the country, only about 58,000 doctors renewed their annual practice license in 2023, and they are those fit to practice in Nigeria.”

Kolawole highlighted the urgent need to address this phenomenon and urged newly graduated medical professionals to consider staying and practicing within Nigeria.

He emphasized the importance of upholding professional standards and urged institutions to increase training capacities to meet the growing demand for medical professionals in the country.

He stated, “By this induction of 20 new doctors into the health workforce, we hope that other institutions will follow suit… However, the doctors must meet the requirements to earn those increases in quota. We will partner with them to ensure that they meet those requirements, and as we try to ensure that, standards must be upheld.”

Addressing the newly inducted medical graduates, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, the Vice Chancellor of the Edo State University, assured them of the institution’s commitment to providing quality training facilities for medical personnel.

He thanked the state government for its support in upgrading healthcare infrastructure and urged sustained efforts in improving facilities at the Edo State University Teaching Hospital in Auchi.

The acting Provost of the College of Medical Sciences, Dr. Kenneth Atoe, advised the new medical graduates to uphold ethical standards and professionalism in their practice, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the medical profession.