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AFCON: Yemi Alade knows how to cash out, fans react


AFCON: Yemi Alade knows how to cash out, fans react

Renowned award-winning singer Yemi Alade’s remarkable success at the Africa Cup of Nations has sparked praises from fans.

The celebrated artist was one of the main performers at AFCON 2023 alongside Mohamed Ramadan and Magic System.

Yemi Alade expressed her gratitude on Instagram for the opportunity to perform at AFCON, and thanked the organizers for fostering a sense of unity across the continent through sports.

She tweeted, “Since 2016, I have envisioned performing at the stadium for football ceremonies surrounded by hundreds of dancers and people.

“Seven years later, I’m performing at AFCON. It is indeed an honour and a dream come true. It’s just the beginning,” she said.

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X users have hailed Yemi Alade’s strategic approach, branding her as a savvy businesswoman who knows how to capitalize on AFCON.

According to tweeps, Yemi Alade consistently releases a song about Africa in the years leading up to AFCON, which captures the organizers’ attention and secures her a lucrative performance deal.

“Yemi Alade knows exactly how to cash out from AFCON. Every two years before AFCON, she would enter the studio and cook a new single shouting Africa oooooooo. Then AFCON will pay her 100 billion to come and perform it at the opening ceremony. Rinse and repeat. Smart money woman,” @Dr. Penking tweeted.

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@AheadAB reiterated “No doubt, she’s a smart business woman. Well, the winner of the AFCON would be getting 7M dollars, which ofcouse the highest in the history of the tournament, so how will CAF pay her 100B naira which is approximately around 100M dollars to sing a song.”

During the AFCON opening ceremony, Yemi Alade delivered a vibrant and energetic performance, adding her name to the list of esteemed Nigerian musicians who have left a lasting impression at athletic events.

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Fans on X praised Yemi Alade for her consistency and hard work over the years.

One user, @SavvyWisk, commended her for dropping at least one hit consistently, while others acknowledged her as a smart businesswoman.

@Judithoflagos also tweeted “She’s not doing rinse and repeat. She have her own audience from mostly Eastern Africa”

Yemi Alade performed the theme song ‘Akwaba,’ which means welcome in the Baoule language in Ivory Coast, alongside other African artists.