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Ahmed Musa condemns cyberbullying of Iwobi


Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa addressed the issue of cyberbullying directed at Alex Iwobi following Nigeria’s defeat in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations final. 

In a Twitter post on Monday, Musa urged fans to cease engaging in cyberbullying, emphasizing that it not only violates decency but also constitutes a serious crime. He highlighted the irony of claiming football unites while participating in such behavior.

Musa underscored the unfairness of singling out a single player for the team’s collective performance, emphasizing that victories and defeats are shared experiences. 

“Dear fans,  I want to please urge you to halt the cyber-bullying directed towards Alex Iwobi. Cyber bullying is not just a violation of decency but also a serious crime. It’s hypocritical to claim that football unites us while engaging in such behavior.

“Losing a game is undoubtedly tough, but targeting a single player for the team’s shortcomings is unfair and unjust. We win as a team, and we lose as a team. Alex gave his all on the field, just like every member of our squad, he wrote.

Recall that Wuzup Nigeria reported that Iwobi took action by clearing his official Instagram page of all photos, leaving only one video from ten weeks ago, with the comment section locked in response to the cyberbullying directed at him after the AFCON final.

Iwobi, who played for 79 minutes in the final match against Ivory Coast, faced heavy criticism along with other players after Nigeria’s 2-1 loss. He was substituted for Alhassan Yusuf in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Musa concluded by urging fans to channel genuine love and support towards the players, emphasizing the need for encouragement during challenging times. He called for unity and solidarity, both in victory and defeat.

“Instead of spreading negativity, let’s show genuine love and support to our players. They need our encouragement now more than ever. Let’s uplift each other and stand united, both in victory and defeat,” he concluded.


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