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UNIOSUN clarifies tuition fee hike rumor


The management of Osun State University has refuted claims that it has increased tuition fees for the upcoming academic session. 

According to Daily Post, the university’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji, issued a statement on Monday clarifying that the recent adjustments in fees only apply to ancillary charges and not tuition fees.

Adesoji emphasized that the university remains committed to providing quality education while maintaining transparency and accuracy in its communication with the public. He also pointed out that the reported tuition fee increment on the institution’s website is misleading and does not reflect the actual charges.

The recent adjustments in fees pertain solely to ancillary charges, not tuition fees.

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“The University reaffirms the earlier statement made by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Clement Adebooye, confirming that there would be no increment in tuition fees due to prevailing economic challenges.

“The reported increment purportedly discovered on the institution’s website does not relate to tuition and is described accordingly.

“Osun State University remains committed to providing quality education while ensuring transparency and accuracy in its communication with the public,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, The Osun Masterminds, a non-governmental organization, expressed concern over the alleged reduction in funding for UNIOSUN. In its November state of the state address, TOM maintained that a decrease in subvention would force the university to increase revenue, potentially leading to higher tuition fees.

The group acknowledged the current economic hardship faced by parents and expressed apprehension about the potential impact of increased school fees. 

However, the Osun State government, through its spokesperson Olawale Rasheed, defended its funding decisions for UNIOSUN. Rasheed highlighted the completion of several abandoned projects at the university under the current administration and emphasized the significant capital funding support provided by the state government.

We find it curious that the group finds it convenient to ignore the completion of several abandoned projects at the university by the current administration which led to the Vice Chancellor confessing.

“If not for political bias, we expect the group to list university projects initiated and completed by the Adeleke administration instead of focussing on overhead financing adjustments which even the university management accepted is compensated for by the huge capital funding support the university is getting from the state government,” Rasheed said in a statement.


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