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Tani Olohun: Drama as lawyers clash over motion withdrawal


A court hearing for Abdulazeez Adegbola, also known as Tani Olohun, accused of defamation, was disrupted by a clash between two lawyers who claimed to represent him.

Tani Olohun is facing five charges related to his alleged insults and false accusations against some public figures. 

On Friday, his lawyers, Mufutau Olobi and Ademola Bank, argued over who had the right to withdraw a motion that challenged the court’s authority to try the case.

Olobi said he and Bank were co-counsels for Tani Olohun, and they had agreed to withdraw the motion and focus on another motion for bail.

The counsel have agreed that the motion challenging the jurisdiction of the court to conduct the trial in the case be withdrawn forthwith,” Olobi said.

But Bank objected, saying he was the one who filed the motion and should be the one to withdraw it.

Your worship, I want to tell the court that my learned colleague is not the right person to withdraw the motion challenging the jurisdiction of the court in the trial of the case from the court. I filed the motion before the court and I should be the right person to withdraw it.

“He is just coming into the case. He should allow me to withdraw the motion before the court,” he said.

He said Olobi was new to the case and should not interfere.

The Chief Magistrate, Mohammed Ibrahim, was forced to stop the hearing and ask the lawyers to sort out their differences and follow the law and adjourned the case till October 30.


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