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Nigeria has failed in democracy, constitutionalism – Ezekwesili


A former Allied Congress Party of Nigeria presidential candidate, Oby Ezekwesili, has re-echoed the urgent need for the restructuring of the country, stressing that every geopolitical region dislikes the way the nation is presently constituted.

The former education minister said Nigeria had failed in the practice of democracy, federalism, and

constitutionalism, noting that restructuring was the only way to save the nation.

Speaking at the ‘Restructuring Summit’ organized by the Restructuring Actualisation Movement in Abuja on Thursday, Ezekwesili, a member of the National Consultative Front, called for a people-oriented constitution, arguing that the 1999 Constitution was not serving the people.

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She said, “Nigeria has engaged in a failed practice of democracy, federalism as well as constitutionalism.

“Nigeria has become an orphan country since infancy. Whereas some people would always quote Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who said Nigeria is a mere geographical reality, the truth is that every region of this country has shown in one way or the other that they have absolutely no interest in Nigeria as constructed.

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“The latest revelation of this situation is the fact that some of our Fulani brothers are saying that there is a closer affinity between them and the Fulani person from any part of the world beyond anything they can feel for the Nigerian, who is not Fulani, and that’s incredible’’

Also speaking at the forum, a member of the Governing Board, Obafemi Awolowo Leadership Award, Prof. Anya O. Anya, noted that the nation could not attain development and growth under the current single-digit economic rate.

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“History has shown that countries which attained fast-track development were able to do so when their growth rate broke through to double digits. This is so because economies that grow at a minimum of 7.5 percent will usually transit to the point where the GDP per capita is doubled every decade,” he stated.

The summit convener, Maj. Gen Henry Ayoola said the current state of the country was a far cry from the lofty ideal hence the yearning and clarion call for change.

Credits: PUNCH