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Microsoft to add Copilot AI key on PC keyboards


Microsoft Corporation is set to introduce the Copilot AI key, marking the first significant change to personal computer keyboards in nearly three decades.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, Yusuf Mehdi, announced this monumental development in a blog post on Thursday.

Mehdi highlighted the transformative impact of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the Windows computing experience, stating, “This will not only simplify people’s computing experience but also amplify it, making 2024 the year of the AI PC.”

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The Copilot key is expected to become a core element of Windows 11 PCs, coexisting with the iconic Windows key.

Explaining the significance of the Copilot key, Mehdi stated, “Nearly 30 years ago, we introduced the Windows key to the PC keyboard which enabled people all over the world to interact with Windows. We see this as another transformative moment in our journey with Windows where Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC.”

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The Copilot key, positioned to the right of the space bar, is poised to become an integral part of the Windows keyboard layout, following in the footsteps of the Windows/Start key introduced in 1994.

Microsoft’s hardware partners are expected to showcase Windows 11 computers featuring the Copilot button at the CES technology conference in the coming days.

Mehdi outlined the functionality of the Copilot key, stating, “When pressed, the new key will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience to make it seamless to engage Copilot in your day-to-day.”

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The shortcut provided by the Copilot key aims to assist users in various tasks, including image creation, email composition, and text summarization, leveraging the power of AI.

Microsoft anticipates that the Copilot key will empower users to actively participate in the AI transformation, providing a user-friendly entry point into artificial intelligence on personal computers.

Devices incorporating the new Copilot key are expected to be available for purchase later this month.