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Man Utd in tatters as Bournemouth raid Old Trafford


Bournemouth delivered a stunning performance at Old Trafford, silencing the home crowd and claiming a historic 3-0 victory over Manchester United.

This dominant win marks the first time Bournemouth has ever defeated United at their iconic stadium.

The visitors wasted no time establishing their presence, with Dominic Solanke showcasing impressive composure to score the opening goal within five minutes.

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This early strike set the tone for the match, as Bournemouth’s well-organized defense effectively neutralized United’s offensive efforts.

Despite United’s attempts to claw their way back into the game, Bournemouth remained resolute.

Substitute Philip Billing further solidified their lead with a powerful header in the 68th minute, followed by Marcos Senesi’s impressive headed goal five minutes later.

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The visitors’ clinical performance was further highlighted by Dango Ouattara, whose goal in added time was only ruled out due to a VAR handball decision.

This could have added yet another goal to Bournemouth’s decisive win.

This victory marks a significant milestone for Bournemouth, showcasing their ability to compete against top-tier teams and challenge established contenders.

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With their fourth win in five games, they climb to 13th place in the Premier League table, leaving Manchester United to contemplate their surprising defeat and assess their position in sixth place.