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Man Utd most expensive squad ever – UEFA Report


Manchester United

Manchester United’s squad in the last financial year stands as the most expensive ever recorded according to a UEFA report on football clubs’ finances released on Thursday.

Despite finishing third in the Premier League and securing the Carabao Cup under Erik ten Hag’s leadership in his debut season, the squad commanded a total of €1.422 billion, UEFA confirmed.

Key acquisitions contributing to this record-setting expenditure include Antony (€95 million), Harry Maguire, Jadon Sancho, and Casemiro.

UEFA’s European Club Finance and Investment Landscape report highlighted: “Manchester United FC’s squad at the end of the club’s 2023 financial year is officially the most expensive ever assembled, with a combined transfer cost of €1,422m. 

They have surpassed the Real Madrid squad of 2020, which cost €1,332m.”

Notably, the analysis covered Europe’s major clubs, excluding Chelsea, Everton, and Leicester City, as their financial data for 2023 was unavailable. 

Consequently, Chelsea’s significant spending of approximately €993m from the summer of that year until August 2023 was not factored into the report.

Chelsea’s 2022 squad held the third-highest total, following the 2023 squads of both Manchester United and treble-winners Manchester City, respectively.

The report also shed light on the emergence of “multi-club ownership,” driven largely by American investors, involving over 300 clubs. 

UEFA’s director of research, Andrea Traverso, acknowledged the potential integrity risks posed by this trend, wherein clubs with the same owner or investor could compete in the same competition, potentially undermining the integrity of European football.

This report coincides with the impressive performances of teams within the Abu Dhabi-backed City Football Group network, notably Manchester City and Girona, currently positioned second in the Premier League and LaLiga standings, respectively, and poised for qualification in next season’s Champions League.

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