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See what lady did after she was asked why she was without face mask in supermarket


A video making rounds online showed the moment a lady removed her panties in a supermarket and wore it on her face when asked why she wasn’t wearing a face mask.

In the viral video, the yet-to-be-identified lady was seen reaching below her long dress and pulling off her panties in the middle of a grocery store.

Not far from her, another woman could be heard justifying the unusual action of the panties lady.

She was heard saying;

“Well personally I find it unacceptable, it is a mask and quite frankly I think the bacteria on her (panty) is less than on the mask.”


Watch the video below;


In other news, a gravedigger identified as Rodwin Allicock has met his untimely death after a grave he was digging collapsed in on itself and buried him alive.

The sad incident happened at Washington Memorial Park in Mount Sinai on New York’s Long Island on Tuesday morning, February 23.

According to Suffolk County police, the 42-year-old was inside the empty seven-foot deep plot and was levelling out the bottom, when the walls suddenly caved in, burying him alive