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CBN relocation to Lagos will have consequences – Ndume


The Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Ali Ndume, has issued a stern warning, declaring that there will be political repercussions if President Bola Tinubu does not reverse the Central Bank of Nigeria’s decision to relocate key departments from the Federal Capital Territory to Lagos State.

During an appearance on Channels Television’s program on Tuesday, the senator representing Borno South expressed his discontent with the recent internal memo circulated by the apex bank, directing the relocation of certain units to Lagos to alleviate congestion at the Abuja headquarters.

The move has sparked controversy, with a significant portion of Nigerians, particularly those from the Northern region, vehemently opposing it, alleging that it is a deliberate attempt to further marginalize and underdevelop the North.

Ndume argued that the decision lacked careful consideration and expressed confidence that the president would overturn it. 

He stated, “And if that does not happen, of course, this is democracy; we know what to do.”

The senator questioned the choice of Lagos for relocation and suggested alternative states such as Nasarawa, Kogi, or Kaduna, which are closer to the nation’s capital. 

He pointed out potential drawbacks, such as increased costs, as officials would now have to travel between Lagos and Abuja, leading to unnecessary expenses and exposing workers to additional risks.

He said: “Why was the headquarters moved from Lagos to Abuja? Was it not because of the congestion there? I don’t even see any issues of congestion. There is going to be an increase in cost because they are going to be running from Lagos to Abuja, spending more money and even exposing our workers to unnecessary risks.

“Don’t try to bring tribalism into it. I’m not a Hausa man and I’m not a Fulani man but I’m a Northerner and a Nigerian. Those misleading the president are not doing him any good because this is going to have some political consequences. If Tinubu was not elected president, the CBN governor would not be there. It was not Lagos votes that put Tinubu there.”


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