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Actor Chidi Mokeme opens up about arrest, jail experience


Popular Nigerian film actor, Chidi Mokeme, recently revealed some eye-opening experiences from his personal life during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

The actor did not shy away from discussing a particularly challenging incident involving his arrest and subsequent time in jail.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Chude pressed Chidi about a past encounter with the Nigerian Police.

The actor candidly recounted the incident, “I had a couple of brush-ins with the law. Back then, career-wise, entertainers always have brush-ins with the law. Why? Because first, we’re always moving at very awkward times of the night. Either you’re just going to the gig or coming from the gig, but it always happens at very awkward times.”

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The actor highlighted a common predicament faced by entertainers, especially when dealing with law enforcement during unconventional hours.

He elaborated on the challenges they often encounter when explaining their late-night movements to the police.

“And what makes it very awkward is when they [police] ask you and you say you’re going to work. That’s the problem, ‘which work?’ That’s always the problem, ‘which work?’ So you have to stop first, come down, because they’ll look at you and say ‘which work?’ then tell you to come down and explain yourself.”

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Chidi emphasized the difficulties faced by individuals in the entertainment industry, where late-night activities are routine due to work commitments.

He shed light on the inherent challenges of convincing law enforcement officers of the legitimacy of their late-night endeavors.

He continued, “Till today, you have production vehicles moving in the middle of the night packed full with crew members or cast. You have to stop and come down and explain yourself. Which work that all of you know each other? And if you don’t have a known face, you’re going to have a big problem.”

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“So on one of those nights, we ended up in jail after we’d been rounded up with gun props. We had gun props in the car so they thought they were guns.”