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Netizens knock Etim Effiong’s wife over Kunle Remi, Tiwi’s marriage comment


Netizens knock Etim Effiong's wife Kunle Remi, Tiwi's marriage comment

The wife of Nollywood actor Etim Effiong, Toyosi Effiong, is facing backlash from netizens after sharing her thoughts on Kunle Remi’s marriage to Tiwi.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she expressed initial apprehension about the union but later revealed her happiness for the couple.

In the post, Toyosi stated, “This couple is special to me. Tiwi has been my aburo for much longer than I’ve known Daniel, and when she told me about Kunle, I can’t lie, my heart did ‘GBISH GBISH’ because I know FIRSTHAND about the… uniqueness of this kind of union.”

While expressing concern about the attention and affection actors like Kunle Remi receive, she clarified, “But over time, following multiple conversations and observations of their interactions, the fear has subsided and now I’m just happy at how happy and intentional they are.”

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However, netizens did not take kindly to her comments and criticized her for being unnecessarily detailed.

Sbc_empire01 commented, “This caption was so unnecessary sha but what do I know 🙃 Just congratulate her and move on 🥹”

Ozichukwukanu wrote, “Just say congratulations and move on. It really sounds like you’ve been spoiling his name to Tiwi but she eventually didn’t listen to all your BS. Face your own marriage ma. Etim Dey try 🧎‍♀️”

Chinyeremark quipped, “If aburo types this kind of message about my relationship/marriage, I will unaburo the person. Not everything should make to SM.”

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Eveswt_ also wrote “But u are surviving yours na.. Una too like story for this app 😂😂”

Mondel_45 added, “This is insecurity. She is also significantly less attractive than her husband. She also has more money than her husband like the Otedola girl Kunle married. They are worried their husbands are only with them for their money.”

While some defended Toyosi, urging others to take it easy on her, many emphasized the simplicity of a congratulatory message.

Its_wealth_01 posted, “I’ve read this over and over again nothing is wrong with the write up… you people shd take it easy on her or is it that some people are not intelligent 🙄”

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Nkeychi also commented, “I see her comment doesn’t sit well with everyone. Truth is that she has helped most of you air out what’s been on your minds. Everyone is entitled to their opinion biko even much so for people they know.”

On January 19th and 20th, Kunle Remi and Tiwi celebrated their traditional and white weddings, respectively, with numerous celebrities in attendance.

The couple had officially tied the knot on New Year’s Day, breaking the internet with the announcement and sharing photos of their engagement and wedding.