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LP challenges NLC’s attempt to sack Abure


The Labour Party is pushing back against the Nigeria Labour Congress, asserting that the NLC doesn’t have the authority to remove Julius Abure and his National Working Committee from their leadership roles.

This response from the Labour Party follows a decision made by the NLC Political Commission during a meeting in Abuja on Monday. The LP, through its National Publicity Secretary Obiora Ifoh, strongly opposes the NLC’s move. Ifoh labeled the meeting as illegal, claiming it involved only a small group of former party members and individuals not officially associated with the LP.

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Ifoh also alleged that the NLC’s Political Commission, led by Comrade Joe Ajaero, is driven by Ajaero’s political ambitions for the 2027 elections. He accused the NLC of trying to disrupt the LP’s stability and undermine its leadership by plotting to take over the party.

According to Ifoh, the group led by Ajaero aims to worsen the crisis within the Labour Party before the 2027 elections by positioning itself as a haven for former dissident members who recently lost legal battles over party leadership.

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“The group has been mandated by Ajaero to ensure that the crisis in Labour Party festers ahead of the 2027 by presenting itself as a rallying ground for dissident former members of our party, who recently lost the leadership battle in the courts,” Ifoh alleged.

The Labour Party emphasized that the NLC’s actions are invalid and have no legal basis within the party’s structure. They condemned the NLC’s interference in the LP’s internal affairs and affirmed that the party’s leadership remains unchanged.

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This statement from the LP comes amid growing tensions between the two organizations, with the NLC’s recent actions adding fuel to the political debate in Nigeria.