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Two landlords kidnapped in Abuja, abductors demand N20m ransom


Two landlords in Abuja’s Asokoro extension area were abducted on Sunday night by gunmen who are now demanding N20 million for their release.

According to The PUNCH, the armed men first targeted one landlord, using him to gain access to another victim’s residence. 

Explaining how the event unfolds, a resident, identified only as James, said “It happened around 11pm on Sunday. Because of the heat, one of the landlords slept outside. They saw him and pointed a gun to his head. They asked him to take them to his house, and he showed them but they were not satisfied with the kind of house he lives in.

“There were other big houses next to his house. So, they went with him and asked him to knock on the gate of one of the houses. When he knocked, as a well-known neighbour, the gate was opened for him. That was how they accessed the man’s house and kidnapped him.

James added that the second victim, struggling with car trouble, was abducted as he arrived home on a motorbike.

“The second landlord had issues with his car and came home with a motorcycle. He was about to enter his house when they attacked him and whisked him away.”

The source noted that the kidnappers had reached out to the families and demanded N20m to release the landlords.

The families have been contacted by the kidnappers, who initially demanded N10 million each for the landlords’ release. One family pleaded to pay N2 million immediately, but the offer was rejected with threats of violence if the full amount wasn’t paid.

“Two hours after their operation, they called the two families to pay N10m each. One of the families pleaded to pay N2m and assured them that they would get it almost immediately, but they rejected and instead threatened to kill him if the N10m is not complete,” James stated.

Police spokesperson Josephine Adeh hasn’t yet responded to inquiries at the time of this report, but the Asokoro Commander of the Vigilante Group, Mohammed Seidu, confirmed the incident and assured cooperation with the police to rescue the victims.

He said, “Policemen attached to the Asokoro Police Station are aware of the matter. We have been combing the nearby bushes to see if we can rescue them.” 

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