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Lagos bizman, son sue NDLEA over alleged intimidation


A Lagos businessman, Taiwo Kayode Alli, and his son Hamid Alli, have filed a lawsuit against the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and its officers, accusing them of intimidation, harassment, and illegal detention.

The suit stems from a series of events that began on June 6th, 2023, when the younger Alli’s car was towed by NDLEA after being flagged down in Ikeja. 

The agency claimed they found suspicious substances inside, but the Allis maintain the car was parked at their home and never left.

The NDLEA then allegedly escalated the situation, visiting the Allis’ residence multiple times.

They broke into their home, confiscated belongings, and even demanded the code to a safe containing personal documents like passports and land titles. The agency allegedly refused to return these documents unless the Allis paid a N5.5 million fee, which they claim they paid under duress.

Through their lawyer, the Allis are seeking court orders restraining the NDLEA from further harassment and demanding damages for the emotional distress and violation of their privacy. 

They also want their documents returned and a declaration that the NDLEA’s actions were unconstitutional.

The court has scheduled a hearing for December 4th, 2023, to address these claims. 


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