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Osinachi’s husband was jealous of her progress, Frank Edwards opens fresh can of worms


Gospel singer, Frank Edwards, on Saturday shed more light on the death of his colleague, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

An emotional Edward swore that those close to her knew that Osinachi’s husband was jealous of his wife’s progress.

The ‘Chioma’ singer made the statement in an Instagram live on Saturday.

Osinachi said; “I don’t know how someone would be jealous of their own wife or their own spouse, this things scare me

“You are jealous of someone they love, maybe their progress or you think they are going to be bigger than you

“I’m just hearing now that a lot of people spoke to her to leave.

“But because of the way the man spoke to me the first day that they begged me to be on a conference call to plead for her to do her music,” he said in parts.

WuzupNigeria earlier reported how Edward lamented on his instagram page that he cannot believe that all they have been trying to avoid eventually happened.