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Insecurity: Plateau community seeks ban of bandits-friendly bikes


Residents of Bokkos, in Plateau State, have urged the government to ban the use of Honda motorcycles as a measure to tackle banditry in the region.

The President of the Bokkos Cultural Development Council, Prof. Stephen Mallo, representing three Chiefdoms, made the plea during a meeting with stakeholders from Bokkos and Mangu local government areas, alongside the Commander of Operation Safe Haven, Maj. Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar.

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Mallo highlighted Honda motorcycles’ popularity among bandits due to their ruggedness, tubeless tires, and high fuel efficiency, making them suitable for navigating Plateau’s challenging terrain.

He proposed banning Honda motorcycles and Honda TVS products, advocating for brands like Jencheng and Bajaj, which are less favored by bandits due to their vulnerability on rough terrain.

“These categories of motorcycles use tubeless tyres and are very rugged,” Mallo explained. “Other categories of Motorcycles such as Jencheng and Bajaj motorcycles have normal tubes in the tyres and are vulnerable to hard terrains.”

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He emphasized Bokkos’ geographical challenges, including undulating plains, mountains, and hills, which serve as hideouts and entry points for bandits. Mallo stressed the need for specialized vehicles like All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Off-Road Vehicles to effectively combat banditry in such terrain.

Mallo proposed establishing Tactical Surveillance Units in strategic locations and called for increased federal government presence in security and infrastructure, profiling of illegal herdsmen, and resettlement of displaced persons.

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He urged swift implementation of these measures to safeguard indigenous communities and ensure peace in troubled areas.