Elephant crushes boy to death in India

Elephant crushes boy to death in India

An unnamed boy has been trampled to death by an elephant after the animal charged into a crowd in an Indian village.

While bystanders were gathered on either side of a herd of elephants, attempting to hurry them across a road in Letekujan in the northeastern Assam state, an elephant breaks off from the herd and charges towards the crowd of people who run screaming, Daily Mail reports.

The huge Indian elephant runs towards a boy who tripped and fell after being pushed to the ground by another person trying to flee the huge animal.

The child rolls into a ditch but is followed by the elephant who tramples the small child, repeatedly stomping on his body and dragging it along the ground.

After the trampling, it rejoins the other elephants on the opposite side of the road.

The child, whose name and age has not been made public, was confirmed dead after the horrific incident, Jam Press reported.

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