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Nigeria ready to play major roles at G-20 – Tinubu


Nigeria ready to play major roles at G-20 - Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu, speaking at the 18th G-20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, India, has expressed Nigeria’s preparedness to take on significant responsibilities within the G-20 and contribute to shaping a fairer world.

In a statement by Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of global unity and cooperation in addressing pressing challenges and creating a more equitable world order.

Tinubu, while addressing the sub-theme “One Family” during Session II of the Summit, highlighted the global challenges faced today and called for a world that promotes inclusiveness and provides essential necessities to all.

He recognized the role of the G-20 in shaping a rules-based world order that fosters shared prosperity and security. He stressed the international nature of today’s pressing issues, emphasizing the need for multilateral cooperation.

The President pointed out, “Therefore, stronger collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships among diverse regions are the pathways to a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future for our world.”

Tinubu also discussed the significance of the G-20 in shaping a fair and rules-based world order and the need for collective design, ownership, and management of global governance structures.

He reiterated Nigeria’s readiness to be a major player within the G-20 and its commitment to shaping a new world. He emphasized that without Nigeria’s participation, the G-20 family would remain incomplete.

The President commended India for hosting the historic summit and praised the country’s successful moon landing under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, considering it an inspiration to developing countries in the Global South.

Tinubu welcomed the decision regarding African Union inclusion in the G-20, believing it would create opportunities for future membership that reflect the balance of power and inclusiveness of humanity.

Under the theme “One Earth. One Family. One Future,” President Tinubu highlighted the interconnectedness of global affairs and the importance of collaborative efforts. He called for addressing challenges related to technology, energy transition, access to credit, and the growing socio-economic divide.

The President urged advanced economies to support disadvantaged regions in the Global South and promote climate justice. He also called for strengthening international frameworks based on justice, equity, and fairness in resource mobilization and governance.

Tinubu’s address emphasized the necessity of working together as one family to create a world of inclusiveness where everyone has access to basic necessities, regardless of their economic, social, or political status. He urged advanced economies and multilateral institutions to direct resources to where help is needed most in the disadvantaged Global South.

The President also emphasized the importance of diplomacy, dialogue, cooperation, and mutual respect in building a society that values tolerance over competition, conflict, and division based on rigid ideologies and belief systems.

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