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Enugu seeks to upgrade state library


The Enugu State Library is seeking government assistance to implement noise-proofing measures to reduce distractions and enhance the reading experience for its patrons.

Mrs. Caroline Okolie, the Acting Director of Library Services, made this appeal during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday. 

She emphasized the urgent need for these measures to enable library users to concentrate effectively while studying or pursuing other activities.

The state library, constructed over five decades ago, is situated amidst bus terminals and businesses that generate significant noise, disrupting the tranquility of the library environment.

Okolie stressed the importance of introducing E-Library services to provide users with a more convenient and comprehensive library experience, potentially leading to an increase in patronage.

She acknowledged the library’s inability to effectively cope with the noise pollution caused by the surrounding businesses and urban development.

“Relocating the library to another location is not a viable solution, as development will inevitably occur in the vicinity of any new location,” Okolie explained.

“However, implementing noise-proofing measures on the library building will create a quiet and conducive environment for all users to focus on their studies or work,” she added.

Okolie observed a decline in library patronage compared to previous years, with a notable surge in student visits during examination periods.

“We encourage everyone to utilize the library’s resources and services. We also host library sessions for children every second Saturday of the month,” Okolie concluded.


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