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Comedian Destalker opens up about rift with Basketmouth


Comedian Destalker opens up about rift with Basketmouth

Popular comedian Destalker has publicly discussed the longstanding misunderstanding between him and veteran comedian Basketmouth, shedding light on the incident that occurred in 2015 during a podcast interview on The Honest Bunch hosted by Nedu Wazobia.

Destalker questioned why a comedian who had earned the title of “Best Comedian” for five years couldn’t secure sponsors for his show, alluding to his own challenges within the industry.

He recalled an incident involving Basketmouth’s comedy series ‘My Flatmates’ in 2015 when someone from Basketmouth’s team contacted him at a late hour for an impromptu shoot. 

Destalker turned down the offer due to the late notice. The following day, he was contacted again, but he reiterated his decision to decline.

Destalker revealed that he met someone later on who criticized him for not cooperating with Basketmouth. He attempted to contact Basketmouth about the issue on three occasions, but his efforts were ignored.

The comedian expressed his frustration, saying, “Something happened in 2015 or 2016 that till today, he did not hear from me.”

He detailed the incident, saying, “That night, I finished performing around 1 am. I was entering my house when my phone rang, and I picked up the call. The person said they were from ‘Flatmates’ and that they needed me for a shoot at 7 am the next day.”

Destalker continued, “I told them that it was too late, and I had just gotten home. They then abruptly ended the call. Around 10 am, they called again, asking if I had changed my mind. I explained that we hadn’t reached a conclusion the previous night, and I was still at home. The person asked again if I was coming, and I replied, ‘No.’ They said they would inform Basketmouth that I wouldn’t be coming.”

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