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My wife seeks pleasure with her lovers, abandons our children at home, man tells court


Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 14-year-old union between a couple, Yekeen Afeez and Sekinat Afeez.

Yekeen, who brought a divorce suit against his wife told the court that she is arrogant and promiscuous.

The plaintiff added that the defendant cared less about their children’s welfare.

According to him, he does the cooking in the home.

“My lord, I have been married to a whore for the past 14 years. Sekinat is constantly involved in extramarital affairs.

“She abandons our children at home and seeks pleasure with her lovers.

“I took up cooking in the home so that our children do not starve.  Sekinat on many occasions does not know what they eat. She feels unconcerned.

“My lord, my wife is arrogant and unrepentant. She snubs me anytime I complain about her inadequacies.

“I no longer have a say in my home because Sekinat flouts my order at will. She disrespects me and fights me any time I raise issue on her promiscuous act.

“My wife treats my parents with disdain. She addresses them rudely and constantly makes them feel unwelcome to our home.

“My lord, my life is no longer safe. One of Sekinat’s lovers of recent took to threatening me on phone. He swore to deal with me.

“I pray this court to separate me and my wife before she cuts short my life in my prime. If I die now our children will suffer, “the plaintiff stated.

Sekinat agreed to divorce.

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She stated that Yekeen was a brute and in the habit of beating and stripping her naked.

She also said that the plaintiff had no respect for her parents.

Sekinat narrated how Yekeen slapped her father and tore his clothes.

“I am ready to call it quits with my husband.

“Yekeen is a brute and would soon maim or kill me if I don’t leave his house now.

“He beats me at every given opportunity and strips me naked in the presence of our neighbours.

“He lied that I abandoned my duty cooking for the family.

“My lord, Yekeen removed the burner from the cylinder after a brawl and kept it. He refused that I cook.

“He once sent me out of the house when we had a misunderstanding and I informed my parents.

“My father came with the intention of settling our differences but he was rude to him.

“My lord, Yekeen went as far as slapping my father and tearing his clothes. He humiliated my father in the presence of our children and neighbours,” the defendant explained.

She went on:

“My husband is not interested in our children’s welfare. I’m the one paying their school fees.

“He is fetish and once planned to kill me by poisoning my drink but his plan failed.

“Yekeen broke into my shop and stole my goods but he has constantly denied this.

“He owes me quite a lot. He has been siphoning money from me through dubious means. I demand that he pays all he owes me,” she concluded.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, giving his judgment observed that their relationship had gone sour.

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Ruling, he pronounced their union dissolved and awarded custody of their children to the defendant.

The plaintiff was asked to pay N15, 000 per month for their children’s upkeep and be in charge of their education.

He was asked to make their health care a priority.

Odunade further instructed Yekeen to give Sekinat another N5,000 to pack her belongings from his house.




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