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TB Joshua: Mixed reactions ahead of BBC ‘bombshell’ documentary


TB Joshua: Mixed reactions ahead of BBC 'bombshell' documentary

Amudipe Marcus

Social media was set buzzing on Sunday evening ahead of British Broadcasting Corporation’s much-anticipated three-part investigative documentary detailing the sexual crimes allegedly committed by the founder of The Synagogue, the late Temitope Joshua, aka TB Joshua.

The late SCOAN founder was not far from controversies during his lifetime but the BBC report which is expected to reveal some damaging secrets about the popular deceased cleric details cases of abuse, harassment, rape, manipulation, and staged miracles.

In a 45-second video uploaded across its social media platforms, numerous individuals were seen recounting their experiences of suffering at the hands of the deceased clergyman.

Following the development, many Nigerians have taken to various social media platforms to share their opinions.

Popular social media influencer, @NEFERTITI, tweeted, “Have you ever seen any BBC report on the gruesome terrorist attacks in the Middle Belt?

“Have you ever seen their report on the Political Mafia in Nigeria and their ties with the UK?

“I don’t care about TB Joshua, I don’t go to church. But the BBC should go & sit down!”.

Sharing a similar opinion, @Bayo Otedola, tweeted, “If you’re going to expose people for the horrible things they have done then please do it while they are still alive because I don’t know what BBC wants for these victims calling out Late TB Joshua. If at all everything is true, how do they intend to get them justice?”.

Meanwhile, controversial social media influencer, @DanielRegha, tweeted, “Don’t know if the allegations against TB Joshua are true or not, but one thing remains certain, he helped many people even before his death.

“He gifted trucks of rice & other items to those struggling. If he was alive, he might’ve reached those affected in Plateau after the massacre. Not many pastors/Men of God in Nigeria do that.”

Also, @Bobbyblack, tweeted, “All these allegations against the late Pastor TB JOSHUA why have they refused to bring it up until his demise?”.

Sharing a different opinion, @ObiasoguDavid, tweeted, “Some of the reactions trailing The BBC Documentary about TB Joshua are quite SHOCKING.

“Some overzealous spiritual folks are even reigning curses and verbal att@cks on BBC for supposedly “tarnishing the image of the ‘Man of God’ after his death.

“Granted, BBC’s intent for releasing this documentary with such timing is suspicious. But this doesn’t override the necessity to reveal an age-long truth, which was hidden, probably due to the influence and power of the man when he was alive.

“TB Joshua was a controversial and divisive figure from the 1990s. He’s almost like Rev Kings of the “Christian Praying Assembly.” His personality was largely marred by scandals.

“Recall, in July 2019 some women protested against mol£station and cult indoctrination by TB Joshua. One of the women said she suffered s£xual abuse from him for 14 years.

“Some people close to him even referred to some of the characters he exhibited as psychopathic. One time, he claimed to have “become a Christian before he was born, during his 15 months in his mother’s womb.” For similar utterances and his conduct, he was refused membership of the Christian Association and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

“Again, in 2014, he was called out for sending 4,000 bottles of his anointed water to fight the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Some gullible folks believed and suffered for it. How about when YouTube banned him in 2021 for exorcising homosexual demons from his members?

“BBC may have suffered wrong timing and bias. But let the TRUTH still be told about the man who lived a major part of his life through scandals.”

While @UncleCharles, tweeted, “You clowns are asking why they don’t come out when TB Joshua was alive.

“What about the people that came out and accused your Gucci pastor of rape? All three jezebels and children of Baal came for them.”