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MC Galaxy’s freaky Friday started from my page – Etinosa


Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has revealed how MC Galaxy’s Freaky Friday on Instagram live came to reality.

In an interview with ‘the Pulse’, Idemudia stated that MC Galaxy got the idea when he called in on her own Freaky Friday session on Instagram.

She is quoted as saying:

“So MC Galaxy’s Freaky Friday started from my page. One evening I was doing my own personal live on my own page and MC Galaxy called in. And so for some reason, I was just, you know, playing we were playing together and I showed my legs. I’m like, Oh, I love my legs and beautiful legs, you know?

And, and then people just started to you know, commenting only watching it live. Oh, we need more, show us more. So, it was just all jokes and then people were coming on, people were calling their brothers and cousins and then the people were just coming in like thousands of people that they are my own live that day and so after that call MC Galaxy called me and he was like he didn’t know that people like those kinds of things and he said he’s going to start Freaky Friday on his page.

He’s going to do you know, something like that and make, tell people to you know, you know, freaky

And I was like, okay, oh, wow, really? Oh, wow. Wow. You know, okay, nice. All right. Go ahead. And you know, and true to the whole phone call, you know, so on his page, he started this Freaky Friday the first he was like, oh, guys, should we do Freaky Friday?

What time should we make, you know, normal, normal level. And so his Freaky Friday started the first Freaky Friday, I don’t know was that day I think I missed it. Oh, no. But by the next day, apparently, someone had gone beyond you know, showing off the leg to actually showing the real thing. And it was a problem.

And then on that Friday every Friday, he called me in the afternoon and he’s like he’s doing another Freaky Friday I’m like, You upon the wahala wey you enter the first time you are still doing another Freaky Friday.

So I’m like Yo, I’m going to be there we gonna scatter that place but the original plan was you know what I usually do my capacity, my capability to do leg which is regular. We all wear bum shorts and then when everybody say go ahead, go ahead, do more, I will end the call.

So, that day you know and I’ve even forgotten and by 11 o’clock I don’t forget to see the event and I think I was dealing with my personal challenges, my personal things on that day.

So I was having something to drink. I was having some alcohol, I had some low time like maybe past 11 or so MC Galaxy calls me up and he’s like, dey don do the first round we know see you, so I’m like okay, all right, you’re still doing Freaky Friday. Yeah, call me I’m logging and so the rest is history.”



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