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Man extinguishes 37 matches with tongue in one minute to break record (video)


A New York man set a new world record by extinguishing more than 30 matches with his tongue in a minute.

Ashrita Furman, who holds more than 200 Guinness World Records, claimed the new title for “most matchsticks extinguished with the tongue in 1 minute.”

Furman, 61, sat at a table at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Jamaica and individually lit a total of 37 matches and extinguished them on his tongue to surpass the previous record of 30.

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He was only permitted to extinguish one match at a time and was prohibited from using his breath to blow them out.

Last year, Furman completed a similar feat to add to his lengthy list of records by extinguishing 44 blow torches with his tongue.