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Give your first salary to your father, not pastors – Kanayo Kanayo


Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has shared a powerful message while blessing his son, Clinton, over his first salary as a Nollywood production manager assistant.

In a heartfelt video clip, Kanayo Kanayo emphasized the importance of taking one’s first salary to their fathers for blessings, rather than giving it to pastors.

He expressed his dismay over a clergyman who claimed that the first salaries of the year belonged to him, questioning whether he considered the financial struggles of his congregants.

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“Do not give your first salary to your Pastor. After God, you have me, NOT YOUR PASTOR,” Kanayo Kanayo stated firmly.

He highlighted the sacrifices parents make for their children, nurturing and supporting them to reach their goals.

Kanayo Kanayo urged Christians to rethink the tradition of giving their first salaries to pastors, emphasizing that it contradicts the essence of true Christianity.

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“This is the Culture of Ndi Igbo, the first salary of a young man goes to his father and not to any pastor. This culture has paved the way for so many people,” Kanayo Kanayo affirmed.

The actor’s message resonates with the Igbo tradition of showing gratitude and respect to parents by presenting them with the first fruits of one’s labor.

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Earlier in the year, a pastor’s controversial statement regarding the January salaries of congregants sparked debate.

Kanayo Kanayo’s stance challenges such beliefs, advocating for a return to cultural values rooted in honoring parental figures.