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Nigerian wig maker breaks GWR for widest wig


A Nigerian professional wig maker Helen Williams, has set a new world record with her latest creation: the widest wig.

The enormous hairpiece measures 3.65 meters (11 feet 11 inches) wide, which is wider than a Mini Cooper, which is 3.63 meters (11 feet 10 inches) long.

Helen, who already holds two other records, including the longest handmade wig and the most hair clips in a wig in 30 seconds, began working on this massive project in February. It took her just over a month to complete. The wig is made from over 800 bundles of auburn hair, and Helen spent 4,138,200 Naira ($2,719; £2,150) on the materials.

“I am very proud of myself. I now hold three records,” Helen said. “As a professional wig maker, I look forward to breaking many more records in the wig category. I enjoy taking on difficult tasks, it makes me a better person and I learn new things.”

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Helen, 31, mostly made the wig by hand but used a sewing machine for some parts. She stitched it all together on the framework with needle and thread and attached over 1,000 rhinestones to it. Despite making wigs every day, this project was so large that it took her months to plan and design.

She was inspired by actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore, who helped create a previous record-breaking wide wig. “I am a big fan of Drew Barrymore, she also inspired me,” Helen said. “If she can make the widest wig then I can.”

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Helen faced many challenges during the process. “I encountered many problems. The first few days of the attempt were difficult because I couldn’t walk or sit properly anymore,” she said. “I was feeling pains everywhere, I had to deal with neck pains, back pains, and pains in my thighs. Putting the wig on my head was also very tough because of the weight. But I am very happy I completed the project.”

Helen has displayed the wig in her office and plans to keep it there. “I want my children and great grandkids to grow up and see the widest wig,” she said. “The wig is now part of history.”

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When Helen first began her journey to becoming a record breaker, she faced negativity from doubters on social media. However, she now has a very different experience online. “People all over the world contact me and tell me that I inspire them. People now know who Helen Williams is. I am grateful to GWR for giving me a platform to showcase my talent.”

Her advice to others is: “No matter how difficult it looks, don’t ever give up.”