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VIDEO: Church member confronts pastor with police after transferring N1m instead of N100,000


A pastor in Nigeria is under fire after refusing to refund a mistaken transfer of N1 million, insisting that the money is a gift to God.

The incident, which has sparked widespread outrage on social media, involved a congregant who intended to send the pastor N100,000 but accidentally transferred N1 million.

According to a video posted by X user @DAMIADENUGA, the church member, accompanied by police officers, confronted the pastor at his house, demanding the return of the money.

Despite repeated attempts to get the pastor to return the funds, he remained adamant, claiming the money now belongs to God.

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The situation has drawn numerous reactions from Nigerians on social media. Many are calling for the pastor to return the money and are questioning the ethics of using religious authority to justify keeping mistakenly transferred funds.

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@symplyDAPO commented “This is a very simple matter and should never have reached this level. Just refund the money back immediately.”

@dammygtnet quipped, “The pastor is a crook, no two ways around it.”

@therealbelano joked, “His confidence on someone’s money is funny to me 😂”

@KinqKudos added, “Lol, una still dey give alfas/pastors una money abi? Oya nah!”

@justkency wrote, also joined “He deserved to be scammed. Why is he sending money to the pastor?”

@BREAKOUTgOD wrote, “When you refuse to pay your tithe appropriately, the Holy Spirit will confuse you into doing it… P.S. The money now belongs to God … pastor doesn’t have access to it… end of discussion 🤣 🤣”

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@Charleschidube “That’s how greedy those pastors are stealing in the name of God.”

@Gifteesfine “People like this will just keep spoiling real men of God’s name.”

@joeerazer “People across the globe watching the happenings in Nigeria will think most is scripted and tag it Nollywood. We at the homeland now absorb every shock we see on a daily trend due to recurrent impact which has made us immune to unbelievable takes and sights. Nigeria must heal.”

@heisG3orge “Shameless pastor, from his body movement you’ll know he’s fake… they go to church every Sunday to ‘preach the word of Christ’ meanwhile doing the exact opposite of what they are preaching.”

@IamEriOluwa “What does it cost to refund that money? My bet, that guy might even be motivated to add on top of the initial 100k. Besides all of that, your integrity rating would have gone up. He and all who hear about it will praise your sincerity. And your honor is compounding.”

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@cliifforrd “Look at how this pastor is mixing his dirty morals with God’s calling making it seem like this is what most Men Of God do. 900k that isn’t yours, because of your dishonesty and greed, you chose to hold it back and claimed it is for the CHURCH!”

@Stan146346Stan “You can all see how greedy a pastor could be and he’s saying it belongs to God that means he’s God’s accountant 😂 make people get sense, you’re sending money to someone who is just there enjoying his life while people that really need help are in your family and around you.”