Don't pass Gay Rights Bill, Singer Kwaw Kese tells Ghana parliament

Don't pass Gay Rights Bill, Singer Kwaw Kese tells Ghana parliament
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Ghanaian hiplife artist, Emmanuel Kofi Botwe, known by his stage name Kwaw Kese, has said the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer intersex persons should not be imposed on Ghanaians.

He said this in reaction to trending topic about the LGBTQI+ whilst speaking on TV3’s morning show, New Day, in Ghana.

According to Kese, it's very 'disturbing' that some people are pushing so hard to impose LGBTQI+ on Ghanaians when its against the laws of the land.

He said, "This thing has been there when we were growing up we heard and knew people who behaved like women (Kojo Besia).

"The problem I have now is they are trying to impose it on us.

"You can be whoever you want to be, but be that in peace. It is your right to do it in peace.

"But if you bring it into our faces, I think that is not Ghanaian… Maybe my family member might be straight, but seeing what people are doing, they might go and try it.

The 'trap house' singer, also noted that he has several friends outside of Ghana who are gays but he holds nothing against them because its their choice.

"The parliamentarians should not even waste time to be thinking about a bill to be passed.

"This thing has been there. Whether we like it or not, it’s there. Now they want their right to be protected, and that is why these politicians also want to pass a bill."

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