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Africans think speaking with British, American accent is intelligence – 2face


2face Idibia

Singer 2face Idibia has said that Africans believe that speaking with British or American accent is a display of intelligence.

2face made this known in a series of tweets advising Africans to stop placing value on foreign things above theirs.

The singer who lambasted African leaders as bereft of ideas identified what must be done by Africans before they can be independent and in control of their development.

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He wrote: “”OPENĚYE” in pidgin English mean say u sabi oyibo thing and u dey live oyibo life. “ÒPENĚYE” don wound us plenty. E make us think say London or yanky accent na intelligence. E make us think say our things na inferior. E make generally no like ourselves.

“We sabi oyibo tins pass oyibo. African leaders don give up. Them no get ideas again. Them just dey too proud to ask for young people to take over and help because them don shit for church too much. Every race is racist to black people. WHY?

“Until we get our own EDUCATION system plus our MEDIA system plus our AFRICAN POLICY system plus our RESOURCE CONTROL system plus our UNIFIED DEFENCE system. We will never be independent and in control of African development.

“AFRICAN LIBERATION Is a serious problem for people who have wronged Africa and people who wish to continue 2 RAPE Africa. Local/foreign But AFRICA is so blessed that we don’t want revenge. We just want to live in peace. Enough things for all. But we must #UNWASHTHEBRAINWASH.”