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TikTok bans account of Nigerian buried alive for 24hrs


TikTok has banned the account of a Nigerian content creator known as Young C who embarked on a daring challenge to be buried alive in a coffin for 24 hours. The 26-year-old shared his intention on Instagram on Wednesday assuring followers that it was not a hoax.

“I am going to spend 24 hours buried in this casket; this is real and not fake,” Young C declared on his Instagram page.

Equipped with only a pillow, a hand fan, bedsheets, a power bank camera, and two light bulbs, Young C spent the entire day entombed in a wooden coffin. To add to the spectacle, he live-streamed his underground experience on his YouTube channel.

After 23 hours, Young C confirmed he was still alive, although visibly out of breath and sweating, indicating the physical and mental strain of the challenge.

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In a subsequent update, he revealed that he had been buried for over 8 hours and was experiencing discomfort, including excessive sweating.

Despite having provisions like food, water, and a bottle for urinating, Young C faced challenges like inadequate cooling from the electric fan and running out of water.

During a live session on TikTok and Instagram, he complained of a severe headache, raising concerns among his followers.

TikTok has banned his account youngcentertainment. Young C shared this update with a screenshot of his Tiktok account showing “the account ‘youngcentertainment’ is no longer available.” However, Young C has opened a new account ‘youngcentertainment2.’


This is my new Account Please Follow here for more update #Youngcentertainment #YoungcLive #buriedalive

♬ original sound – Young C Entertainment 2

Reactions on social media showed a mix of distrust nd sport for the content creator. @MbachuOssy5181 responded to the ban by tiktok “Very good fraudsters all over”

@RwangHosea42091 also joined “Make tiktok no allow em open another account again this is madness”

@queen_vee002 commented “My own is that what if there’s no longer network how will he cope”

@Uwejighooghene posted, “Foreigners did it and their account were not banned, e reach Africa 🌍 dem got angry and banned account…. Na wa o”

@hanks_henri added, “Madnexxxxx to another level.”

@TheodoreBasil commeyed, “In a sane country , police suppose arrest all of you . Go and see the one Mr beast did in USA , everything was monitored with System and there was communication between Mr beast inside the casket and his crew waiting for him outside.”

This stunt mirrors similar feats by YouTubers like Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, who buried himself alive for 50 hours to raise awareness about deforestation. MrBeast completed a seven-day challenge buried in a coffin, cautioning viewers against attempting such stunts due to their potential dangers.

After completing his 24-hour challenge, Young C emerged from the coffin, not able to stand. He thanked supporters and urged them to stay safe and avoid trying similar stunts at home.