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Sharing sex toys presents health risks, doctor warns


Sharing s*x toys presents health risks, doctor warns

A sexual and reproductive health expert, Dr. Yemi Adeyemi, says much as the thought of dildos and vibrators holds alluring pleasure to the average lady in today’s society, there is a need to ensure it is not being used by more than one person.

Adeyemi confirmed that sex toys have been proven to reduce stress and provide relief from menstrual cramps.

The sexual reproductive health expert also warned that sex toys should not be shared because they could be a rich source of sexually transmitted infections.

“This is because some of the body fluids could remain on the device and this is a rich medium for the transmission of infection,” Adeyemi said.

The physician added that women sharing sex toys are also at risk of yeast infection, noting that users should also pay attention to the quality of the material used to produce the toy.

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“Ensure that the material used to make the product is body-safe.

In a vox pop carried by PUNCH HealthWise on the use of sex toys, Zainab (not real name) corroborated the view of Dr. Adeyemi, noting that the toys help her to ease tension and reduce stress.

“Yes, it reduces stress. It also helps prevents infections because you are not worried about an unfaithful partner,” Zainab said.

An excited Zainab disclosed that her partner, who loves trying out new things, is aware and comfortable with her using sex toys.

“In fact, we use them together. We love trying new stuff,” she said.

Zainab also stated that she is not worried about getting a sexually transmitted infection from sharing her sex toys with her partner.

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“Well, to some extent I trust my partner and whenever we want to share, I clean it up. If it involves penetration, we use a condom,” she said.

Another respondent, OmolayoAiyelabola, who is the owner of an online sex toy store, Intimates by Amope, shares the same opinion that sex toys relieve stress and tension.

“Sex toys help reduce stress. Many women do not cum or orgasm via penetrative sex. So many women are not satisfied with their sex lives, hence the need to use the toys to be fine.

“When you use the right sex toys, it has a way of calming you down. It is amazing really.

“If you are very tired and exhausted and you just use your sex toy to relieve the tension, and you are able to reach orgasm, you will sleep like a newborn baby.

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“It has happened to me on several occasions and I have had people send me reviews saying, ‘Oh my goodness, Amope, after I finished using it, I just slept off’.

“Some women have also said that using sex toys has helped them reduce menstrual cramps. They said that when they use their sex toy during their menstruation, it brings about a huge relief for them.

“I also believe It helps to reduce sexually transmitted diseases in people that do not want to cheat.

“This applies to both male and female gender. When I know I can always get myself a sex toy when I need to relieve tension, why would I want to cheat?

“It actually reduces sexually transmitted diseases but it is only among partners who know that they do not want to cheat.”