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Nigeria needs strong military media relations to fight terrorism – COAS


Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, has emphasized the importance of a healthy military-media relationship to effectively combat terrorism and criminal activities in Nigeria.

He made this statement during the Nigerian Army’s Civil-Military Cooperation quarterly media chat held in Agodi, Ibadan.

The event, themed “Leveraging Media to Enhance Nigeria’s Internal Security Operations,” brought together key military figures, including Major General Nosakhare Ugbo and retired Major Generals Bamidele Omozoje and Chris Olukolade, as well as media managers and journalists from various outlets.

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General Lagbaja, represented by Major General Bamidele Alabi, stressed the significance of fostering a positive perception of the Nigerian Army through a robust military-media partnership. He noted that this perception would help maintain popular support for the Army’s counter-terrorism and security operations while safeguarding innocent citizens.

“The media remains a key partner in the Army’s non-kinetic line of operation for the security of the country,” stated General Lagbaja, highlighting the vital role the media plays in interpreting military actions to society.

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He went on to explain that Nigeria’s evolving security landscape, with deployments against terrorists, insurgents, and criminals across the nation, necessitates the support and cooperation of the people.

Therefore, building a healthy military-media relationship is crucial to sustaining public backing for these operations.

General Lagbaja also expressed his unwavering commitment to the President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and the Constitution of Nigeria, assuring the country of the Nigerian Army’s loyalty in fulfilling its duties.

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He then commended the dedication of the officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army in serving their nation and contributing to its security and well-being.