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NANS hails Tinubu for N683b education intervention


The National Association of Nigerian Students has expressed deep appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for the recent approval of a significant N683 billion intervention fund aimed at addressing pressing needs in public tertiary institutions across the nation. 

The student body, while acknowledging this positive development, has underscored the importance of vigilant oversight to ensure the judicious utilization of the allocated funds by the concerned educational institutions.

In a statement released on Saturday and endorsed by the Senate President of NANS, Comrade Akinteye Afeez, he remarked, “The recent approval of N683 billion intervention fund by the Federal Government for public tertiary institutions in Nigeria is a commendable step towards addressing the pressing needs of students and enhancing the quality of education. This positive response to the pleas of Nigerian students reflects a commitment to the nation’s educational well-being.”

Afeez continued, stating, “Acknowledging this intervention, we express our gratitude to the Federal Government for recognizing the challenges faced by students and taking decisive action. The allocation of funds to public tertiary institutions is a significant move that can positively impact the overall educational landscape.”

However, Afeez cautioned that the approval of the intervention fund should serve as a starting point rather than the conclusion of the government’s commitment to education. 

He stressed, “More substantial and sustained investments are crucial to ensure the long-term viability and excellence of our public tertiary institutions.”

The NANS statement also called for robust monitoring mechanisms for the utilization of the funds, advocating for a transparent investigation into the financial management of federal schools. 

Afeez emphasized, “There should be strict scrutiny to ensure that the funds are utilized judiciously for the betterment of educational facilities, faculty development, and the overall student experience.”

Moreover, Afeez highlighted the need for active collaboration between the government and student representatives to establish a system of checks and balances. 

He urged, “The government should actively engage with student representatives to create a system of checks and balances that prevents misuse of funds and promotes fiscal responsibility.”


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