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It took five years before my skit hit five million views -Taaoma


Social media influencer and skit maker, Maryam Apaokagi, aka Taaooma has disclosed that it took her five years to achieve five million views on her videos.

She made the statement in an interview with Mediaweek Entertainment.

According to the multiple-role skitmaker, it felt like moving from zero to 100 basically.

“My skit once had zero comments and views; I have also had 30,000 comments. It blew my mind because people actually watched my videos and took their time to comment; a lot of people sometimes don’t watch videos to comment, they just watch videos to swipe and go.

“Also, those comments were feedback I got from people to know what they liked, and when something is wrong, they will also put it down in the comment and I will adjust in the next video.

“People won’t see that my videos once had zero views. Now, I have gotten like five million views on Instagram on one video.

“It took me five years to achieve that and I feel great about it because it is like from zero to 100 basically.

Speaking on some of the challenges experienced in the skit making business, she said; “One of the challenges I faced was that I didn’t get enough audience at that point and I understood that it was very normal because I was just growing.

“But it is also very discouraging because you feel like is anybody actually watching the things I am doing?

“But the main goal wasn’t the skit at that point, it was to learn how to edit, so when I do my clips and edit, I just post and dump it there. So, I don’t check to really see what’s going on there as I was focused on my YouTube to brush up my editing skills to be used in another video.

“But when I started getting like one or two comments, it gave me the courage to keep going. I kept going and it was the consistency for me. Sometimes, I got hateful comments but I used the comments as a point to readjust myself, assess what they are complaining about and make sure I correct it in my next video”.