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Insurgency: Normalcy returns to Borno night market after 13 years


Dikwa night market, once sacked by Boko Haram insurgents, has bounced back to life, boosting economic activities in the ancient town of Borno State. 

The market, which was sacked by the terrorists in 2014, has been resuscitated by the Borno State Government and the military.

Traders at the market say they are happy to be back in business and are making good profits. They are also grateful to the Borno State Government for restoring normalcy to Dikwa.

According to Daily Trust, traders have expressed their delight to return to business at the market.I am very happy that the market has come back to life. I must say that my business flourishes during the night,” Babagana Maibiredi, who sells bread and other snacks, said

Another trader, Rhoda Daniel, who operates an eatery joint at the market, said, “We give thanks to God for the return of the night market. At the peak of the insurgency and when curfew was imposed, business was skeletal and did not take place at night, which the market is known for, but we thank God that we can do good business now.

In 2021 alone, we fled the town three times and there was no business, let alone the night market. Now, there is peace within the town and we have settled down, so business is thriving in the market.

As you can see, the uniform men are at peace; they come here to relax because the place is now as safe as Maiduguri.

Public affairs analyst Abubakar Mohammed Kareto has commended the Borno State Government and the military for restoring normalcy to Dikwa, which has led to the revival of the night market.

Kareto said that small-scale farming in the area has also increased following the restoration of normalcy, and that this has had a positive impact on the economy of the town.

Night business in the market is now possible due to decreased number of attacks.  I think this would boost the economy of the state if all towns and villages could emulate Dikwa people. We don’t have reasons to depend on handouts from non-governmental organisations.

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“Government should encourage locals to get farm inputs at affordable rates as it will restore small scale businesses at the grassroots.

“Although we still witness pockets of Boko Haram attacks, especially on farmlands, they are weakened. But there is still a chance that they might strike. I implore security forces, the community and government officials at all levels to keep up the efforts and remain watchful,” he said.