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I’m pressured to get married, says Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade

Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, has opened up about the mounting pressure from her family and friends, who are urging her to tie the knot and start a family.

During her recent interview with Cool FM, the artist candidly shared her sentiments about the persistent calls for her to get married.

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Addressing the speculation surrounding her alleged marriage to her manager, she clarified, saying, “People often get married, especially towards the end of every year. I’m not feeling pressured. When the time is right, it will happen.”

She acknowledged the challenge of resisting family pressure, as it originates from those she deeply respects and admires.

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She emphasized the importance of finding the right life partner over rushing into marriage.

Alade stated, “Family pressure is a challenging thing to resist because it’s coming from the people I respect and look up to, insisting that I should get married. However, I believe that if they genuinely have my best interests at heart, they will be patient with me because finding the right partner is more crucial than just getting married.”

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