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Fireboy covers Styl Plus’ ‘Olufunmi’, sparks debate


The beloved 2000s hit love song with Styplus boyband has been remade but with new extra flavours.

The recent release of “Olufunmi Reimagined” has ignited a passionate discourse among fans. Spearheaded by producer ID Cabasa, the track features an all-star lineup of Fireboy DML, OdumodublVck, Boj, and Joeboy, breathing new life into the beloved 2003 R&B ballad originally performed by the iconic Styl-Plus.

“Olufunmi” is a popular R&B song released in 2003 by the Nigerian music group Styl-Plus. The song was one of their first hits and was included on their debut album “Call My Name”.

The lyrics of “Olufunmi” express a man’s plea to his lover, Olufunmi, not to leave him. He declares his unwavering love and commitment, saying he will never love another woman besides her. The chorus features the repeated refrain “Olufunmi ooo, ma pa mi lekun ooo” which translates to “Olufunmi, don’t leave me”.

However, as the dust settles on the highly anticipated remake, a resounding consensus has emerged – the original “Olufunmi” by Styl-Plus remains unparalleled in its emotional resonance and timeless artistry.

“Music has been a powerful tool for this generation in many ways, with one of its biggest impacts being therapeutic. ‘Olufunmi’ by Styl-Plus provided meaningful verses that people could relate to back in the day,” reminisced Twitter user @Oyebanji_akins. “Many men in relationships made this song their favorite when their girl was acting up. Verses like ‘Think about what you do to my world, whatever you do to hurt me, baby, is gonna drive me crazy’ resonated deeply.”

It is this raw, relatable storytelling that struck a chord with listeners, elevating the original “Olufunmi” to iconic status. “I’ll still pick the ‘old’ ‘Olufunmi’ by Styl Plus. That’s music, all day long. Thanks,” declared @Jubalkayne, echoing the sentiments of many.

While some have praised the reimagined version’s ambitious attempt to blend contemporary sounds with the classic melody, others feel it falls short of capturing the magic of the original. “This ‘Olufunmi Reimagined’ is a dishonour to the beautiful memory of the original version by Styl Plus,” lamented @ootchey.

Interestingly, the inclusion of OdumodublVck’s controversial lyrics referencing “dagger am” in a love song has generated significant buzz, with @afrisagacity commending the strategic move, “Well, Odumodublvck on that Olufunmi Reimagined (remix) ft Styl Plus and Fireboy was a masterstroke PR. Now, everyone is talking about the remix because Odudmodu sang about ‘dagger am’ in a ‘love song.’ Love the thinking… from ID Cabasa!”

Amidst the debates, a resounding call has emerged for Styl-Plus to reunite and embark on a tour, performing the classic rendition that captivated hearts and minds two decades ago. “The song is not bad at all! but if the real Styl Plus could come and give us a reunion tour that would be much appreciated!” pleaded @affiong_a, echoing the nostalgia shared by many fans.

Watch the music video here: